Morning and Evening



The corner of my neighbor’s property, who keeps eight cows that are all light brown with white heads. The cows almost never come close to this corner, where they could get photographed, but  stay in the middle of their huge pasture. Since the property also borders the main road, I usually see them from there. Now with the snow covering the ground, they stay out of sight.

A different activity takes place in this field in the winter. Geese hunting. Imagine being awakened in the grey hours of the morning by shots being fired. I was out and about in a moment trying to make out the meaning of these popping sounds! Fortunately, from my house I could see the field in question and eventually I could discern figures clad in white camo outfits and decoy geese set up there. Because my house is on a hill – as is the field in the photograph – when the hunters shoot at the geese, the sound bounces off my house and makes me an unwilling participant in the hunt.

One of the joys of living in the country 😉


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