Life Imitates Art / II / WPC

Life creates imitations of art and then leaves it up to us to notice. So always leave your home prepared – with expectation and with equipment – to capture what which is fleeting. The rain stops; the train leaves; but you have captured a moment. It stays with you, it makes you richer. And if you share it, you make others richer too.


Gliwice, in Poland.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Life Imitates Art.

10 thoughts on “Life Imitates Art / II / WPC

    1. Well, I do like it, that is true. This challenge, however, was a little bit more, well, challenging for me – I actually had to think how life imitates art, and not only scroll through my saved photos. But, that is good too, since it made me use my grey cells more creatively 🙂


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