Poland – Krakow – In the Mirror of Time.

Krakow, in Poland, is one of the most beautiful cities that I know. Everywhere I go, I like to wander off the beaten tourist path; I like to see what hides behind the fences and in the courtyards. On this occasion I walked a considerable distance to the old Jewish part of Krakow called Kazimierz.

Kazimierz was founded in the XIV century. Orthodox Jews and Catholic Poles lived door to door to each other, met on the streets to the way to the market, and knew each other’s families. With the arrival of Hitler, they were forcibly removed from their homes and their town destroyed with the rest of Krakow in the course of the war.

Renovated after the war, it retains some of its old appearance. With one exception. Jewish people do not live here anymore; those few that did not perish in the war, moved to Israel. But their little town remembers them. Synagogues are re-established and a museum represents all their rich cultural history.

The town has a unique atmosphere. A feeling of nostalgia mingles harmoniously with its modern day look. It is especially visible in the little cafeterias, where you can enjoy delicious coffee and sweet delicacies.


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