CFFC – Things That Are Hot

For today’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge I have chosen a selection of subjects, all of which are in some way synonymous with “hot”.


IMG_1405-001      P1050866-001

Pompeii burned alive by Mt. Vesuvius in A.D. 79.


Tiled stove.

Ozdobny piec w zamku. Replika wykonana przez uczniow Szkoly Budowlanej.

Buns and my freshly baked bread.

IMG_5697-001  Poland Israel 2010 090-001


CFFC – Things that are Hot.

14 thoughts on “CFFC – Things That Are Hot

    1. In the old days, tiled stoves were in every home. Of course not that elaborate – one like that could have stood in a mayor’s mansion. Ordinary people had ordinary tiled stoves, in one color, but even those usually had ornaments that made them beautiful. My friend in Poland has one at home to this day. The only downside to it was that you had to lug a bucket of coal every day.

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        1. Lots of cool things were common in the old days, but did we appreciate them? As much as now? At all? I wonder sometimes. Some things we grow to appreciate as we get older, that is for sure.

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