Ruined House


Abandoned house standing by the road.

Over the years I have seen different activities taking place there. For some time there was a For Sale sign and I – in my dreams – envisioned what would I do with this house if I had a million dollars. Would I like to live there? It is a large enough plot of land; on the left of the house a little stream runs in the woods, on the right a field spreads for half a mile. I could keep chickens. The house faces the road – not a major one, but busy enough for this city girl to feel a semblance of “living in town”. Which is what I miss living in the country…

Other times I have seen someone organize a photo trip there – but to my dismay I was not on it 😦 But that gave me the idea to stop there some time and explore. There were the usual No Trespassing signs, but since I did not go inside, it was probably alright.

There are three other small buildings belonging to the house: a shed, a different shed that could have been a workshop, and a larger one that I do not know what it is.


IMG_0120-001                                       IMG_0144-001


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