Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant

My two photographs for Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant:


This happy little rooster comes from Ustron in southern Poland. It is an example of popular and commercialized folk art. Except for a fact that the local artist’s inspiration naturally proceeds from his familiar surroundings, neither the arrangement of colors nor the fact that it is a rooster is a particular example of the art in that region.  Rather, it is that sort of a knick knack that is usually bought by children on school trips or tourists visiting the resort determined to bring something back. Neither of them have the use for it, really, and the rooster soon ends up in the thrift store or is occasionally dusted on a forgotten shelf. But for all that, he is cute and happy and does not care what we think of him 😉


This blanket bursting with the golden color of the sun is a sample of the Navajo art. In 2015 I went on the trip to the National Parks in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. I am not a person who collects “stuff” from every trip. Definitely I am not buying the aforementioned  rooster 😉 My nuggets of gold that I collect are memories of places and photographs. Memories I keep to myself; photographs I share with you.  Although the Navajo are skilled and creative artists, I did not feel the need to posses something that they made.

The Navajo blankets are prized for their handicraft and quality. Typically they feature geometric designs. They are woven on the looms in the traditional way passed over for generations. They are made similarly to kilims of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. For their textiles the Navajo use the breed of sheep called Iberian-Churra, that has been introduced to them in the 17th century by the Spanish Explorers. In the 19th century they started using dyed yarn called Germantown, which was manufactured in Pennsylvania. Which is a sort of a personal connection for me, since I live in Pennsylvania 🙂



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant

  1. Myślę, że jakbyś przycięła górę zdjęcia, to efekt byłby lepszy. Teraz ta górna deska trochę rozprasza. Spróbuj i daj mi znać (bo ujęcie bardzo mi się podoba) 🙂


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