Schroon Lake, NY – Farewell

A short walk following the shore line of Schroon Lake and past the campus of Word of Life Bible Institute, a wide beach opened up with a view across the lake that was full of fall colors. The stubborn clouds covered the sky. Only once did the sun peaked out illuminating the yellow and red trees on the other side.



Picking edible mushrooms on my way back ( NOT the one in the photo!) I walked through the avenue of golden-colored trees. Are you curious what I did with those mushrooms? I brought them home, cleaned them, and dried them by spreading them on the cookie sheet in the sun. Mushrooms contain large amount of water and when they dry, they become shriveled and crunchy. But, they do not loose their aromatic taste and smell, which is why I picked them. They added a wonderful taste to my next beef stew.

For all that culinary digression, this little fellow is definitely, absolutely NOT edible. For forest decoration only 🙂






7 thoughts on “Schroon Lake, NY – Farewell

    1. W zupie grzybowej tez sa wysmienite. Moja rodzina nie jada marynowanych, wiec ich nie robie. Moja mama, w Polsce, robi najlepsze na swiecie grzybki marynowane 🙂 Ciesze sie, ze ten wpis ci sie podobal 🙂

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