The first snow this year came, as expected. It snowed overnight and all Saturday. No chances of venturing outside to take pictures, unless I wanted my camera covered with snow.

The next morning the world was quiet and peaceful, under the blanket of three feet of fluffy whiteness.



On my driveway I have met the snow rat, sitting there and looking at the morning sun.


With all the regular feeding places now permanently closed for the duration of the next couple of weeks, I had an abundance of winged visitors and had to restock my bird feeder twice in one day. I have a soft spot for fluttery friends that visit my backyard. Unfortunately, quite a lot of them mistake my huge kitchen window for the reflection of the outdoors and fly into it in full speed. So far all recovered, but I always shudder when I hear the next “thump”.


The following morning the moon just was not quick enough to finish its nocturnal journey. I caught it 🙂



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