Schroon Lake, NY

I am taking the trip to Schroon Lake in upper New York state, where my kids want to visit their friends in a Word of Life Bible Institute.


It is the middle of October. The weather on the way up north is absolutely perfect – the sun shines all day, temperature is a pleasant 65 degrees, and I have 7 hours of the luxury of my own thoughts. My kids do not make conversation unless under extreme pressure 😉 It is also the weekend for peak foliage and I am enjoying every minute of it.

This time I am trying a different way than I would normally take. I am cutting across Pennsylvania on Interstate 88. Good choice for this time of year – both sides of the road gleam with color.

Once on 87 in New York state, the colors are even more vibrant. By now it is late afternoon and in the rays of the setting sun the trees display all their warm yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. We still have a way to go, so I will have to wait till the next day to take pictures.

The following morning is decidedly colder. I am definitely not dressed warm enough. My fingers stiffen on the camera. Clouds cover the sky and the sun only occasionally peaks from behind them. I am taking a stroll around the portion of the lake that belongs to the school. It is so incredibly peaceful here. Such quietness.











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