Misty Morning



On that morning the mist was late getting up and was surprised by the rising sun.  The rays of the sun passing through the tree remind me of lace. The sunlight changes the yellows to golds and browns to copper.





4 thoughts on “Misty Morning

  1. Hello Sonia:

    Your pictures are outstanding. Been visiting your blog and love everything I see. New York State is a gorgeous place. I visited Great Plains several years ago and was enamoured with the beauty of the colors of fall. I was there for about a month during a pretty cold October.

    Your pictures remined me of that visit to White Plains. Thank you so much for sharing and for visitisng my blog. I hope you enjoy my pictures as well. It is clear to me that we both enjoy photography! 🙂

    Best Regards,


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    1. Omar, thank you for your kind comment. I agree with you that New York State is beautiful, especially in the fall. I live in Pennsylvania and if I may say so it is equally beautiful. I do enjoy your blog – last night I scrolled through most of it, I believe 🙂


  2. Thank you for visiting and roaming through my blog. I followed your journey and feel very happy that you did. I’m sorry, but haven’t been to Pennsylvania. I feel that all the New England States are gorgeous in more ways than one.



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