4 thoughts on “Misty Morning

  1. Hello Sonia:

    Your pictures are outstanding. Been visiting your blog and love everything I see. New York State is a gorgeous place. I visited Great Plains several years ago and was enamoured with the beauty of the colors of fall. I was there for about a month during a pretty cold October.

    Your pictures remined me of that visit to White Plains. Thank you so much for sharing and for visitisng my blog. I hope you enjoy my pictures as well. It is clear to me that we both enjoy photography! 🙂

    Best Regards,


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    1. Omar, thank you for your kind comment. I agree with you that New York State is beautiful, especially in the fall. I live in Pennsylvania and if I may say so it is equally beautiful. I do enjoy your blog – last night I scrolled through most of it, I believe 🙂


  2. Thank you for visiting and roaming through my blog. I followed your journey and feel very happy that you did. I’m sorry, but haven’t been to Pennsylvania. I feel that all the New England States are gorgeous in more ways than one.



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