Poland – Zabrze – Guido Coal Mine

Silesia is the main coal industry region in Poland. The first coal mines were constructed here in the middle of XVII century.

This coal mine was financed and built by a potentate Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck in 1855. The first mining shaft descending to 170 m below ground was in operation until 1877, when most of the coal resources from that level were depleted. A deeper shaft descending to 320 m below ground was constructed in 1890 and was in operation until 1928.

Today the mine with its above-ground equipment and both levels underground are a museum.

Going down is exciting! The present steel shaft-hoisting tower is in operation since 1931. The driving motor is the original “Berlin” machine from 1927, which is so efficient that to this day it requires only regular maintenance.

We descend in the original steel mining cages mounted on 980 m long steel ropes in complete darkness.

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