England – Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market met my expectation as the place to find artistic gifts and to try all kinds of food from all over the world. I even found a stall with pierogies, but because they were catered to the international palate and therefore contained all kinds of unusual fillings, I did not try them. I like my pierogies simple, with potatoes and cottage cheese. The way we make them in Poland and not some kind of super fancy version.

I was not really looking for any gifts. I poked around a few places, but except for a scarf that I liked but did not buy, there was nothing I would have to take home.

I come to regard my travels as a gift in itself. What I see and feel in a new place becomes my souvenir. My sister taught me that and the wisdom of it grows on me.  I am not feeling pressured to buy that one something that will remind me of this particular trip. Instead, I have memories, and the more I share them, the more they become a part of me. Sometimes, I even do not take photographs. I simply am in a place and try to see, hear, and taste its diversity.



2 thoughts on “England – Greenwich Market

  1. Indeed. Photos are the best souvenirs that we can get from any place. But they are not just the pictures of the real world but also a huge boxes of all the feelings, tastes, impressions and memories that we experienced in these places, Is such a context, photography is a kind of magic.

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    1. Yes, I agree. That way we not only take something for ourselves from each place, but we leave a little bit of ourselves there and so after time the whole world becomes a sort of map of familiar places.


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