England – Tower of London

An amusing story happened when we were visiting Tower of London. As all the other groups, we were assigned to a tour guide. I am convinced that ours was the funniest of them all. With the solemn face he told comical jokes and his sense of humor was as sharp as a guillotine. He asked the assembled people where they are all coming from and upon learning that some have come from Philadelphia, he proudly announced that the British people were the ones who gifted to the good citizens of Philly their famous Liberty Bell. Somewhat angrily he then yelled that when they were giving it, it was all in good shape and what did they do with it? They broke it!. He was adamant about their disregard of a fabulous gift. Remembering his razor-sharp tongue, I did not dare to speak. But maybe, just maybe, the bell arrived already defected and it was bound to crack? 😉 Would not that have been a good idea of a practical joke? All meant no harm, of course. Because, I am sure, the story of its crack has been retold on both sides of the big water many, many times over and joked about for even longer. 🙂


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