England – London – Tower Bridge

I reached the Tower Bridge at the end of the day. The bridge’s white-grey stone would appear cold under the overcast sky, but the sun was kind to me that evening. Totally unprepared for the blustering wind on the bridge, we trotted along. The wind was so strong, I was afraid I will step off the bridge headless. Alas, my head is still attached to my shoulders thanks to the intervention of a reviving cup of hot chocolate in Pret a Manger. I was becoming too fond of it anyway, so it is probably good that I was only visiting London…

Although I knew of a few times when the bridge opens, we never arrived there in time to see it. I have two more days there, maybe I will be fortunate to witness it then. The bridge is so stately and elegant; it fits so well with the climate of the city. In my book and in my “collection” of bridges from around the world, it has its rightful place in the company of the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC and the Charles Bridge in Prague.

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