England – London – Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe. The circular theatre with white walls laced with timber was my second favorite place in all London. My dream is to go to a performance of one of Shakespeare’s play there. One day.

The day was glorious. Lovely weather. Warm actually 🙂 Inside we were treated to a hilarious presentation by ( I suppose ) an actor, who took us on a tour of the place. Sitting in the “arena” I imagined Lord Chamberlain’s Men getting ready for the performance that will take place in the evening. Back then a church bell sounded announcing to the good people of London that a play would be performed that day. It would give them time to cross one of the bridges and be entertained.

The play would last about two hours. In the early days of the theatre, people did not commonly sit on the benches. They stood in front of the stage for the duration of the play. So, when someone arrived early enough to secure a good spot, he was obliged to stand in it for the whole time. What did people do when the nature called them? Well, oddly enough, they did their business right where they were standing. I suppose that for once women had it easier, since the wide skirts covered their intentions 🙂

The location of the theatre and the stage in particular was interesting. The stage was situated in such a way, that the evening sun would not shine in the direction of the actors.

I love the masks that were waiting their turn in a play.

The stone owls outside the theatre keep watch and remind all who come that the wisest of us are those who can laugh at themselves.

I think that at some point Lord Chamberlain’s Men came by. It must have been when the sheer curtain moved ever so delicately, allowing them to pass almost unnoticed 🙂



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