England – Churchill’s Quiet Place

I will admit freely that I do not know enough about the man Winston Churchill was. A visit to his house in Chartwell opened my eyes just enough to make me wanting to know more. I am so glad I went.

There was a decision to be made which of “his” places we would visit: Churchill’s home in Chartwell or his War Rooms in London. I am not entirely sure that the reason for choosing his house was as conscious as it was practical, but after a few hours spent where he lived, walked, and worked assured me it was a right one. In his War Rooms I would have undoubtedly seen an important part of this great man’s life. But in the privacy of Churchill’s home I could discover the man himself. And what a complicated person he was! The many dimensions of his character and personality were fascinating. One of them was a unexpected discovery that Winston Churchill was a talented painter. Of this I have no “proof”, since photography was not allowed in his studio 🙂 The other that he was a builder of walls – for example a wall that surrounds his garden was put brick by brick by him. Still another was that he took great pleasure in designing his garden and he spent there many hours resting from demanding political work. Today, just the grounds, to acquaint you with the tranquility of his land.






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