England – Cambridge – Trinity College

A trip to Trinity College in Cambridge commenced on Saturday. I am sure that in England this is common knowledge and perhaps some of the people in US also realize that, but I did not know that the name Cambridge comes from the connection of “the bridge on river Cam”. By association, Oxford is really “the ford for oxen”, but not being a native to either of these countries, I tend to take the well known names as they come and do not always make the connection between the sound of the name and the separate meaning of its components.

One of the buildings not present on the photographs was the Wren Library, where photography was prohibited. Of course, like all areas in Trinity College, this one was old and magnificent. The library had on display many very interesting examples of books. How would you like to see the first edition of A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh? Karl Marx’s Des Kapital? The leaf from Guttenberg’s Bible? Isaac Newton’s Latin exercise book? It is all there, and many more.

My wanderings in Cambridge were somewhat hurried, but for what time and opportunity I had, I endeavored to get a feel for the place. I try not to take the obvious photographs. My ideal tactic in a new place would involve a few hours on wanders around town; but how often do we get the ideal amount of time for anything? So, I did the best I could.

On a separate note, I am beginning to understand more the difficulties of photographing the “English weather”. I am appreciating photographers who work here. I tip my proverbial hat to you.

More of England here.

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