England – Downe – Charles Darwin’s Hometown

The afternoon was playing cat and mouse with me; as soon as the sun peaked out, more clouds appeared behind it not only threatening us with rain but actually delivering it with fury. We have decided to brave the weather and go out as soon as the rain slowed down. We were rewarded with patches of warmth on our shoulders when we parked along the street in Downe. So much history hides behind every church fence and waits to be found in little towns of England.

Charles Darwin lived in Downe for forty years. He died here; but his body is buried in Westminster Abbey. Members of his family are buried in the churchyard here, overgrown with moss and ivy. A very old and huge in circumference tree grows there; what stories it must remember. If trees could talk…. Maybe there are still days in the course of the year when they do, when I could come there in the evening, warm summer evening, and listen as they tell the tales of old. What pleasure that would be…

How very curious the tombs are. They resemble sarcophagus’ of the ancient Egyptians, but the tablets with names propped at their feet give the impression as though the people lying in the tombs had shoes on their feet.

5 thoughts on “England – Downe – Charles Darwin’s Hometown

    1. I am glad you like it. The pub that you see on one of the pictures was on the opposite side of the church. While visiting there I heard local people conversing and I realized that Charles Darwin would have spoken with that same beautiful British accent 🙂 In all my thoughts about Darwin I never thought about that 🙂

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