Irish Boat Painting

This place really exists. The lake, the mountains, the blue boat. On our vacation in Ireland a couple of years ago we were driving along this lake. This was one of the scenic routes we have taken to see the Irish countryside. The weather was on the gloomy side – not surprising for Ireland really. More clouds than sun, but not raining. That was fortunate, because we had a number of stops on the way to admire various interesting features of the landscape and human ingenuity. There was a beautiful, old, stony bridge under which the road took us. There were herds of sheep who completely disregarded the right of cars to use the road and claimed it as their own. There was a lonely deer, who stood in the thicket by the road and gave us an utterly bland and uninterested glance as we passed him. And then there was this boat. A perfect blue under the grey sky on the brownish land. A boat with a suitcase in it and not a person in sight. It beckoned to me. I absolutely HAD to photograph this scene; I would have done it in the pouring rain if necessary. Today you can enjoy my rendition of that photograph.

This is my fifth and last painting this school year. I will return to this topic in September, when I again will start my painting class.




4 thoughts on “Irish Boat Painting

  1. Do you still have this photo on which you based the painting? Would be nice to have it here together 😉 There is a lot of Irish melancholy on this view…


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