Poland – Gliwice – Staircase and Tiles

Behind locked doors of old apartment buildings in Poland hide gems of tile and wood craftsmanship. In the past one could get in and out of the building without any problem. These days main doors are locked and only the tenants have access. On rare opportunities one can sneak inside and get a glimpse of what is left of the almost gone beauty of the past. Most of these buildings were built and decorated by skilled craftsmen, who wanted to leave behind not only functional but beautiful work. They created solid structures that survived the bombing in the WWII and were afterwards renovated to their former elegance. Others, left undone for various reasons, still await their turn. But in the process of renovating some elements will be lost. If this building will get its “uplift”, the tiled walkway will most likely be replaced with modern tiles; the creaking, wooden staircase will be redone to suit convenience rather than history. It will be gone. The current tenants will care more about easy cleaning than preserving what had survived wars and craftsmanship of previous generations. Sad, a little. At least it will remain in my photographs.


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