Yellow Crocuses

It is spring, no doubts about it. The calendar testifies, the change of time concurs. Only the weather does not follow suit. If and when the sun peaks out of the clouds, it brings with it the long awaited warmth. But the spring is reluctant to show its beauty this year. I had to really look for it in my garden and then I found only this delicate messenger. But I am glad that the plants have their own biological clock and wake up to life even if the weather does not encourage them to do so. They are such rays of sunshine even if the sun is hidden behind dusky, gray clouds and the temperature is a measly 3 degrees Celsius.

The tips of the crocus leaves are bitten off by deer. The winter has been a long and cold one with a lot of snow covering the ground for an extended time. The deer have come so close to the house that I have seen one nibbling at a patch of grass 3 yards outside my window. No wonder, therefore, that all the plants that survived the winter under the snow have been eaten by deer as soon as it melted.

DSC_0398-001 DSC_0400-001


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