Poland – Gliwice – Tropical Plants

The tropical plants exhibition in the botanical gardens and exotic plants house in Gliwice, Poland is the largest of all. It is housed in two separate areas of the building. Here is the place to sit among lush greenery and listen to the sound of running water. Very relaxing. While kids run on the winding lanes among the various plants and look with delight at the bunnies and guinea pigs in their cages, the parents sit in peace and enjoy the quietness. Some of the plants and trees are so tall that to appreciate them properly a balcony was constructed in the upper part of the building. From here you can almost touch the ripe oranges, tangerines, and bananas. Not that you should, but it certainly is tempting 🙂 There is a variety of palm trees and many exotic plants. On this particular visit, I have chosen to take a closer look at some of the plants.

The botanical garden also includes tropical fish.

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