Sycamore Tree

Today’s photographs will be an example of the abundant presence of snow that actually helps. The white tree on a background of gorgeously blue sky is enough to achieve excellent contrast in a photograph. Add to it the reflection of sunlight off the dazzling white snow that illuminates the branches from underneath and you have a photograph that does not need any corrections. Or hardly any.

On this particular photo trip the sun was so bright that it was impossible see anything without sunglasses. Not having my usual camera that enables me to look through the viewfinder, I had resorted to Sony Cyber Shot DSC-T99. Because of the bright sunshine I had trouble seeing anything in the back screen. Some shots were taken “more or less”, pointing the camera in the general direction of the tree and hoping that it is in focus. Not my style of photographing anything, but I could not let the white tree pass without at least trying. Overall, I would consider the results satisfactory.


Also my contribution to Sylvain Landry – Week 34: Trees



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