Monochrome: Onion.

Monochrome photography is, on occasion, even more expressive than color. In the olden days black and white was all that existed. The viewer looked beyond the obvious (which color intensifies) and was challenged and gratified with experiencing the art of composition. This was art.

Today’s spectator expects color, and that in abundance. Photographs are “doctored” in many different ways to produce the effect that is “perfect.” But is this truly how reality ever looks like? Perhaps. I do not deny that I enjoy them myself; sometimes if only to see what could be done to a photograph and how it could be enhanced. That too is a form of art.

Alas, today’s post invites you to look at an ordinary onion and see if you can find it tickling your artistic bone.



I nested the onion in a black box that was facing the east window. The morning light was filtered through the blinds. The camera was mounted on a tripod and I used a super macro setting on a Canon Power Shot SX20IS, which allowed me to be approximately 1 inch from the onion.

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