Hershey – Winter Road

This winter just does not want to go away. What was the verdict according to the groundhog? I have a feeling the winter is digging its heels in the snow and planning to stay long.  As if to tease me, a friend from England commented recently how wonderful it is to work in the garden this time of year… 😉 At this point I do not even see where my garden is supposed to be; all is buried under the snow. If that was not bad enough, there has been a series of days when the wind blew with such force, that I could feel it inside the house. The icy gusts make going outside the enterprise for the brave, and I only venture out if I must. Therefore, quite shamelessly, I have resorted to taking photographs from the car. I pull over to the side, open the window, and shoot. Before too many cars pass me and I become a nuisance for the fellow driver, I am back on the road. Well, what can I say. It is either that, or nothing. But I can not live long without seeing something new, something, that I want to contain and keep on a photograph.




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