Poland – Mazury – The Carved World of Galindia

Today I am inviting those who like to have their imagination stirred by taking you back in time to an unusual place in Mazury, Poland. It is called Galindia and you can find on the shore of lake Beldany close to Mikolajki.


The name Galindia comes from an ancient group of people that inhabited these lands from 5th century B.C. to the XIII century A.D. They were called “Galinds”. They lived in peace with surrounding nature.

Those who created this unique place tried to preserve that co-existence with nature. In fact, in Galindia, nature surrounds you but does not intrude.

A house stands to one side of the road – so completely covered with ivy and vegetation that it is almost indistinguishable from its forest surrounding.

Przystan Galindia - calkowicie obrosnieta chata.


An army of warriors, all tall and stern, guard the building that houses a restaurant and a hotel.


Restauracja i hotel Galindia.

A pleasurable walk in the park reveals other occupants of this world – many figures that will be the silent companions of anyone who ventures to meet them.

A closer look in the shoreline’s tall grasses reveals a Viking longboat, whose occupants may just be devouring a fish grilled on the open fire….. leaving their dry, salted kippers for the journey ahead.

Lodz Wikingow :)

From Galindia the world opens to the vastness and blueness of water and sky, which sometime seem to not know exactly when one starts and the other ends.

Widok z przystani Galindia na jezioro.
Widok z przystani Galindia na jezioro.


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