Attic Window

Houses of this type are situated in the south Poland, at the foothills of the majestic Tatra Mountains. The best known little town, Zakopane, is where this photograph has been taken. The steep slanted roofs are necessary; these mountains get a lot of snow in the winter and this shape allows the snow to slide … More Attic Window

Yellow House

This is one of my favorite old buildings. Uninhabited and abandoned. The photograph is a couple of years old, so I cannot tell you exactly where it is located. I am going to leave it with this mysterious ending: “somewhere in Poland”.  🙂


Do you see the “waves” in the sky? Can someone tell me what did I do wrong to get this unsightly result?!?

Bazie :)

That is what we call them in Poland 🙂 They too are responding to the sun and warmth 🙂 We are supposed to have a whole week of this summer in winter. I only wish that no cold front is looming on the heels of this weather.

Summer in Winter

Temperatures are now unbelievable 70 degrees in the end of February! Even though I do not know what is going on with this crazy weather, I am enjoying it to the last ray of sun 🙂 My daffodils are poking their green leaves from the ground. Today I saw my first blooming yellow crocus. These … More Summer in Winter

Lake George V

With the gathering dark clouds Lake George looks dramatic. Last rays of the sun illuminate the heads of trees and the surface of the water already has that flat, grey look “right before the rain”. This is my last photograph from that trip since it started to rain a few minutes after I left. If … More Lake George V

Odds Are…. / WPC

What are the chances that this frequent traveler has been to all countries in Europe? I say they are good. Has his bike taken him to your country? I see that he has visited my home country. Poland (PL) is there 🙂 And then there is always the other side of the passenger cabin, certainly … More Odds Are…. / WPC

Lake George IV

Great passenger ships cruise the waters of Lake George. During the summer season there is a number of these big boats that take tourist around the lake. Standing there I could not stop admiring the graceful lines of this ship. It reminded my of the Titanic and I thought if anyone ever had an idea … More Lake George IV