Remuh Synagogue I

Remuh Synagogue was built in 1553 in the old part of Krakow called Kazimierz. In the 15th century it was one of the largest Jewish communities  in Poland. Although it was the smallest of all synagogues in Kazimierz, today it is one of only two that are still active. This is the prayer hall.

Tatra Mountains X

We are back to the civilization! Still some distance to cover but we are definitely getting closer to home. Sleeping benches of the lift are waiting for the next season when they again will be full of people who come here to enjoy winter sports. A very welcome sight – a hostel 🙂 We go … More Tatra Mountains X

Tatra Mountains IX

Our hike in Tatra Mountains is three quarters behind us. As the terrain levels, we could go a little faster now, but at this point I am definitely feeling my legs and besides, one has to have time to jump from stone to stone crossing the stream and stop to take pictures 🙂 My boys … More Tatra Mountains IX

Tatra Mountains VIII

  A different lake in the Tatra Mountains. Here we met a couple who rested from their hike eating lunch and to our surprise were feeding a couple of ducks. Unfortunately, the five of us were five too many for the duckies and they swam quickly away 😦 Alas, no picture of them.  

Tatra Mountains VII

Our trail led us to the valley. Higher in the Tatra Mountains there were still patches of snow, but here spring flowers already bloomed. Water was crystal clear, coming from the melted snow and very, very cold. No trees grow at this level, only short, hardy bushes. Grass appears in the spring and quite often … More Tatra Mountains VII